Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Judge Who Manufactures Evidence

Michael Mukasey was a US District Judge and served as the US Attorney General under President George W. Bush.  Mr. Mukasey published an Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on September 24th entitled “Will Obama Free the Blind Sheik?” 

In this article Mr. Mukasey describes the terrorist crimes of Abdel Rahman who in Mr. Mukasey's words “was convicted in 1995 of participating in a seditious conspiracy that included the Kahane murder, the 1993 WTC bombing, and a plot to blow up other landmarks in New York and to assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak when he visited the United Nations.”   Mr. Mukasey presided over the Rahman’s trial as a U.S. district judge and sentenced Abdel Rahman to life in prison.

So far so good. 

However, then Mr. Mukasey goes on to accuse the Obama administration of planning to transfer Mr. Rahman to Egyptian custody.  Mr. Mukasey admits that he has no real evidence to support this accusation, but claims that there is “circumstantial” evidence to support it.  His circumstantial evidence is that Hillary Clinton had traveled to Egypt (not surprising for the US Secretary of State to visit the new president of Egypt at a time of transition and crisis in Egypt and the Middle East), and that statements of administration officials with regard to Abdel Rahman sound too “lawyered.” 

However, as noted by Media Matters, there was one real piece of evidence that Mr. Mukasey did conveniently omit from his op-ed.  That piece of evidence is that Mr. Mukasey is a senior adviser to Mitt Romney and the Romney campaign.  As Mr. Romney announced in October 2011, Mr. Mukasey along with a few others “… will advise Governor Romney on all matters related to the rule of law and will co-chair the campaign’s Law Enforcement Advisory Group.” 

Mr. Mukasey and the Wall Street Journal apparently do not adhere to a code of ethics that requires conflicts of interest be disclosed.

What Mr. Mukasey’s op-ed piece is in reality is a deceptive attempt to manufacture out of thin air an issue that the Republicans and the Romney campaign can rally around to attack President Obama.  The Romney campaign must be rather desperate if they can’t find a real issue on which to challenge Mr. Obama and instead they have to make issues up.

Mr. Mukasey has disgraced the offices he has held and his own integrity by taking the lead in this vacuous and deceitful attempt at political rumor mongering.

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  1. if an ordinary man would have started a false statement like this JuDgE???? DID HE WOULD BE SUED FOR SLANDER, BUT THE MORE POWER YOU HAVE AND MONEY you can just about anytime get himselfoff the hook and these guys know it!
    Dam you mr judge???